Modeling Courses

AngieNo one can be taught to be a model, you either have the natural attributes or you don't. However, as with all talents, with training, practice and guidance, they can be perfected.

Pro Model's courses are designed to train and enhance models in a number of areas. First and foremost confidence and attitude building.

A model relies on their looks as one of their most important tools so Pro Model includes in the course some important points on SKIN CARE, NAIL CARE and a number of different MAKEUP plans.

Ambition, drive, tenacity and knowing what works in front of the camera are the most important ingredients for the success of a model. Pro Model's Training that has been developed over a period of 25 years deals extensively in these areas (POSING, POSTURE, POSITIVE ATTITUDE). The training is informal and the pace is designed to be flexible enough to be levelled at the individual that is being trained.

Models need to be able to work under a number of different conditions, to this end Pro Model's courses train their models in the studio and at a number of different locations.

Pro Model supplies all the required notes and information for the model on the training. On successful completion of the training a certificate of competence is supplied to the model.

The material created during the Training is used to build a superior PORTFOLIO and Z CARD. All models that successfully complete the course are guaranteed free advertising space on the web with a mini electronic portfolio for a period of at least three months.

Pro Model trains models on a one to one basis but for those that prefer a group environment we run group training a few times every year.