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About Pro Model

Pro Model is a proud member of NAMA (National Association of Model Agents). We have 27 years of experience in bringing models and clients together, assisting them to work as a team in a professional and mutually beneficial environment. Pro Model can help you with Supplying models, Building portfolios, Training models, Z-cards, Fashion photography, Glamour photography, Custom shoots, Photo editing, Photographic Make-Up and much more..

Pro Model, where modeling is the name of the game. A company designed to assist models in every way. The experienced model benefits from our very innovative locations and creative photography.

A photograph done by Pro Model's photographer is a must in any portfolio.

Pro Model has a wide range of fashion models and glamour models that we promote to interested clients. While promoting models Pro Model takes care to assess the client's requirements to ensure that they are met with the correct model or models. The models' integrity and safety are always treated as a priority during this process.

Pro Model also specializes in the training and building of confidence of new and experienced models. Pro Model's training course includes training in several styles of photographic makeup, posing, posture, attitude and understanding of the modeling industry, hair care, skin care, nail care, studio work and location work.

A model that enjoys the benefit of Pro Model's training always improves their chances of getting chosen at castings, with their improved confidence, better ability to project themselves, superior z-cards and portfolios.

Pro Model's models work mainly in the area of Advertising, Fashion and Glamour. Pro Model has a selection of superb Professional models including African Models available for custom shoots. Either using one of Pro Model's photographers, or with a photographer of your choice.

Pro Model assists the model with makeup at shoots should the client have specialized needs or should the model need assistance. Pro Model is also able to provide the service of in-house photo editing.

More About Pro Model

Pro Model is a leading South African model agency. Our top position in the modeling industry has been achieved through many years of good client relations and our ability assisting models in reaching their full potential.

Pro Model's main goal is to identify and manage models with the highest potential. Having achieved this, Pro Model's position of strength is used to promote and develop each individual model's career.

Pro Model had a humble start some 27 years ago when its founder Gavin Stein began his career in this highly competitive industry. Since that time Pro Model has had many ups and downs however Gavin has always stayed focused on Pro Model's goal: get models modeling and do so in a manner that is safe, fun and also financially rewarding for both the Models and the Agency.

Pro Model makes itself and its models available to work in most avenues of modeling. Pro Model's emphasis is on its models, modeling for the media, both still and moving. This includes chosen magazines, department stores, catalogues, companies, fashion shows, producers, promotions as well as TV commercial and more.

Pro Model works with models of all ages from newly-born stars all the way up to the very well-seasoned model.