We provide a number of specialised photographic services including:

Reliable photographer:

Pro Model has never let a client down. We pride ourselves not only on our creative artistic work, but also on our top class service, reliability and providing services that are great value for money. Making clients happy has made us grow.

Fully equipped studio:

Pro Model has its studio based in Chartwell North Estates near Four Ways. It is ideal for working with models that require beauty shots etc. where the controlled environment of a studio is needed.

Riverfront location:

Pro Model owns its own private river front location that is ideal for photographic shoots that require a scenic, rustic environment. Pro Model also has access to a large number of varied locations and has done a lot of research into finding places that will suit your requirements. This service is only available for clients making use of our photographer.

High tech photo editing:

Pro Model is up to date with the software and hardware required for high quality photographic editing. Our staff has had hundreds of hours of experience with this discipline, they are able to apply techniques such as air brushing and deep etching to name just a few. Some examples of how this may be used to assist you could be the simple removal of a mole or pimple from a face in a photograph to taking a photo taken in our studio in Gauteng and dropping it into a background utilizing a photograph taken on the other side of the world. Click here to see an example of a model photographed in our studio. The photo was then dropped into a scene taken at the Kruger Park. Click here to see an example of a model photographed in our studio. The photo was then digitally stylized to give the appearance of an oil painting and then dropped into a scene taken near Warmbaths. We are also able to digitally retouch old and existing photographs and make enlargements from your old prints.

Supply of models:

Pro Model has a wide variety of well trained models, including different races, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, male, female and a wide variety of different age groups. If you require a special look Pro Model is likely to have a model on our books that meet your requirements. Contact us and give us a brief of what you need, chances are we will be able to help you.

Mobile backdrops etc:

Pro Model also has portable lighting and backdrops. For your convenience we can turn most rooms into mini studios.

High Resolution Digital Equipment:

Pro Model is able to provide you with digital images of up to eight million pixels in the raw state (uncompressed). The most common size and quality of image requested is "2048 by 3072 plus minus 2 MB" +- 2,000,000B jpg. The usual size of a reasonable quality picture on the net is between 40 and 70 KB +- 70,000B jpg.

Makeup Artist:

Photographic makeup is designed to enhance the face of the person being photographed. Pro Model have a number of people skilled in the application of photographic makeup. Pro Model's makeup artists are also proficient in stage makeup and special occasions makeup.

Printing of photos:

Pro Model has in-house facilities to do black and white, colour and sepia photographic prints. Pro Model works in close association with a number of photographic laboratories, printers and publishers. We offer their facilities to clients that need large size prints and/or large quantity printing. Pro Model can effectively be used as a one stop shop for all your photographic, desk top publishing and printing needs.

Custom Shoots:

Pro Model's photographer Gavin Stein has taken photographs in many diverse and exotic places. For example, in mines 2 km under the ground, from helicopters, on beaches as far afield as Greece and Key West. In London, Paris and New York. He is available for your custom shoots at almost any location you chose or at Pro Model's well-equipped studio, with the models you supply or with Pro Model supplied models. Pro Model is also able to assist in the supply of suitable photo locations for our custom shoots.

Pro Model, where modeling is the name of the game. A company designed to assist models in every way. The experienced model benefits from our very innovative locations and creative photography.

Pro Model works with models of all ages, from newly-born stars all the way up to the very well-seasoned model.