Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Model has found over the years that a number of questions arise again and again. The most frequently asked questions and their answers follow.

1. How do I become a model?

Just like all great athletes models are born not made, however as with athletes good training, a great coach, a fantastic manager and practice can make all the difference between success and failure. Pro Model has the best training in the industry. We make sure that our models learn all the little things that will assist them along their journey to success. Also we screen the clients to ensure that our models get the kind of work that will help enhance their future and not expose them to jobs that could jeopardise their careers.

2. I've done a Z-Card and portfolio. Would you be able to use my existing one or do I have to use one made by Pro Model?

Pro Model has absolutely no objection to you using your existing portfolio and Z-Card as long as it is up to date and presents you in the best possible light. Pro Model prefers portfolios done by Pro Model as we insist on a certain level of quality, layout and style. We recommend that before you go out and waste money on what may not work for you that you have a chat with us.

3. I am very interested in doing modeling and would like to know how I go about it?

Firstly, you need to send us a few photos of yourself by email or post, or you can use our electronic application form, it will help make life a lot easier. If you post them to us please send them with a self addressed stamped envelope so that we can return them to you. Click here for our postal address. What we require in the selection of photos is at least one clear close-up of your face and a minimim of one that shows your figure.

If you do not have photos our Mini Portfolio is a good starting point, contact us to set up an appointment for your photo shoot.

After you have been successfully assessed you need to register with us so that we can start to advertise you as an available model.

Secondly, you will have to be armed with a top class portfolio and Z-Cards so as to better your chances when you go to castings. Pro Model can assist you with these, you do not need any training to be a model but it can be really helpful.

Thirdly, you have to be available to get to the casting. If you are chosen at a casting Pro Model will bill the client on your behalf and then pay you once the client has paid us. Remember you are not employed by Pro Model; we are simply acting as a conduit/agent to assist you when dealing with the client and help you get to the correct client. Pro Model takes a commission of 25% on the work that we assist you in getting.

4. What do I need?

Aside from your natural attributes, you need a manager/agent that will direct you to the castings that are suitable for your look and that are correct for the career path that you are planning to follow. Also you will need a portfolio that shows your potential at its best (to make a good first impression). A Z-Card is essential when it comes to leaving a good and lasting impression.

N.B. You will need to be mobile and available so as to be able to attend castings.

5. How do I join Pro Model?

As long as you meet Pro Models standards to be a fashion model joining Pro Model is easy.

  1. We need to meet with you to ensure that you do qualify.
  2. You need to fill in and sign an application to join and a simple contract that outlines Pro Model's commitment to you and your commitment to Pro Model.

6. How much does it cost to join Pro Model?

Pro Model charges a once off registration fee of R600.00. Once you have registered Pro Model will promote you to its clients and take commission on jobs it acquires for you.

Should you require one of Pro Models other services a fee will be charged.

7. How tall do I have to be to be registered with Pro Model?

Pro model works with models of various heights. We do not have a guideline for height in order for a person to register as an available model with us.

Photographic models are able to be almost any height depending on the type of modeling you are aiming at. Fashion models are required to be at least 5ft 7. 1.71 m. Beauty and glamour do not have the same emphasis on height.

8. What are the golden rules?

Never arrive late. Models that keep producers, photographers and makeup artists waiting never get given the chance to do it again.

Be consistent, art directors and all the people in the fashion and glamour world need to know exactly what to expect from the models that they use. You cannot be a different personality every time they use you. (that is the domain of the actor on screen and not reality)

Always give of your best, you never know who might see the results.

9. How do I go about finding out if I have modeling potential?

Send photographs of yourself (with your measurements i.e. height, waist, hips, bust/chest, shoe size and hair and eye colour). These do not have to be "professionally" taken photographs.

10. How do I go about getting in touch with Pro Model?

Either email us or phone. Click here for contact details.

11. If I client hires me as a model and I am not comfortable with what's required of me, can I turn down the job?

Whenever a model is offered an assignment at Pro Model the model is given a full brief of what will be required of them. If they are not happy with the assignment they can turn it down. However if the model accepts the assignment they are obliged to fulfill their commitment to the client.